When Mom and Dad passed, the only things I requested were her handwritten and typed history of the family beginning with Juan and Gabriela, my grandfather and grandmother on Mom’s side. I have recorded this version directly from her typed pages which must have been pre-1980 because in her writing I am still in college.

I have made no changes to spelling or other text. This is exactly how Mom recorded her thoughts. If those of you who knew her remember how eloquent she was you’ll hear her voice in these pages.

There are several areas (The fire, Dad’s being drafted, the origin of our name) that were related to me differently at different times between Mom and Dad. But then again, Dad was never one to miss a chance to turn a hum drum story into an adventure. 

Overall, this is a great treasure that Mom left behind for us.

Tom lianez

January 1,1919, Antonia was born to Gabriela Puentes in Paris, Texas. A year later two men were part of her life, a man named John, her father and Carlos.

John and Gabriela moved to Gary, Indian where at the age of five Antonia began to go to school and Frobel School (?). From the very beginning Antonia began to be part of the school plays even in the lower grades and to partake of many activities. Her talent even at this young age of being bilingual was an asset to her. She soon learned recitations taught to her by her self taught father John. She learned to sing songs that Gabriela and John sang together. Now it was a trio!

At this young age she was sent to the missionary catechist who taught at the Gary Alering (?) Settlement House. Their convent was in the same building as the chapel. Antonia was soon taking charge of the children younger than her in the manners during mass. As she grew older she was an interpreter for the sisters and the adults of the Spanish speaking language.

In church and in the community Antonia and her parents wee often called on to help.

At the age of eight, when the family lived in Glenn Park, Antonia would attend public school and her cathecetical (sp) instructions at eh little wooden church on Broadway, Saint Marks. She made her first holy communion on May 8th, at 8 o’clock, age 8, 1928. She was confirmed a year later at the new Saint Marks on Ridge Road. The house that John built was on 530 Lincoln Street.

Antonia went to Saint Marks School beginning in fourth grade and she continued into the 7th grade and due to bad eye sight has to sop going to school. A move was made back to the city and Antonia never did complete her eight grade education of to into high school. She worked steadily with the sisters until the age of 11 when they moved to Venedocia, Ohio. After staying with a family friend for a while they moved toa beet wagon and Antonia moved from cement and brick surrounding to the not too populated Van Wert! She learned the intricacies of beets. She learned the art of picking tomatoes by the hundred hampers. She liked every moment of it!

A home was found for the family in Hoaglin Township, a lovely home and Antonia was offered the opportunity of going back to school. She took up the offer and started at the grade of seven. She graduated in 1941. Antonia was not to be single for long. She met Louis Lianez in they married in 1942. To this couple was born Emanuel Lianez on December 25th, 1942.

Louis brought home his wife and child in January. A week later the owner of the house wanted them out of there as soon as possible. So Louis, Antonia and child went to Van Wert to search for a home. After an all day hunt they managed to find a charitable elderly lady who would rent to them a tiny house on Wayne Street in the city. As they returned to their home in the country they noticed smoke and thought that their wagon was on fire. No, the owner and a neighbor has taken all of the furniture and hte4 books and so many priceless things to this young couple and set fire to them all! So louis and Antonia rescued what they could and moved into their newly rented house. It was a happy little home.

IN June of 42 Louis was drafted into the service (Navy), He returned to move Antonia and child to Gary, Indiana to stay with her parents, John and Gabriela while he went to war.

In 1944, Feb.7th a boy was born to Louis and Antonia, David. He was born at Mercy  Hospital, Gary Indiana. In August of ‘44Louis came home to his little son and to make acquaintance with Emanuel. He left to cross into he war zone on the U.S.S. Massachusetts.

Antonia and her parents and children were victims of arson at their apartment home on 12th and Adams. So she and John decided to move back to Ohio.

Thanksgiving day of 1944, they arrived in Ohio and Antonia found a home for the little family in Ohio City. There they remained until the day Peace was announced and Louis came home from war. They remained in Ohio City until 1949 when a little girl, Judith Ann, was born to this couple. Then plans were made to move into Van Wert and Louis found a home on Franklin Street. There the family lived for 5 years.

With the aid of Miss Glesson they were able to make arrangements to buy property on 536 Wayne Street. During the preparation of plans, John D. Vargas, sick with cancer, passed away while Louis was in the National Guard. After burial Louis returned to duty and Antonia and Gabriela and Emanuel, David and Judy and baby John, who was born March 4th, 1949, returned to Franklin Street to wait for Louis. When the day of his arrival came, Antonia had papers ready for the signature and November of 49, Thanksgiving Day Louis and Antonia and family moved to their new home on 536 Vine Street.

From this home the family accompanied Gabriela Vargas to her resting place in Woodland Cemetery. From this home Emanuel left for service in the Navy, to return only once to Van Wert. When he would come again to his home he would have his wife Ninfa from the Philippines and two children Delores and Ramon.

David would leave for college at Ada, Ohio and return home to a teaching position in the Van Wert High School and marry Janie Jones and to them is born mickey (sp =Mikey)

Judith Ann would leave to marry James Bernard Eiting and to them Jimmy, Robert Martin and Debbie. They now live in Decatur, Indiana.

John left home to go into the Navy and returned with wife Marilyn Miller and two children, Lisa and John.  They now live in Neptune, Ohio a small village (unreadable) to Celina, Ohio

Thomas, the youngest son of Louis and Antonia is now at Bowling Green State University a sophomore and hope of all the members of the Lianez family is that he will do good. The ego of the male line of the Lianez’s is strong “We know he will, he is a Lianez.”

The name Lianez is original. The authentic pronunciation is Yañez but when Louis went to school she couldn’t spell his name so she wrote Lianez, Louis and thus we are the original Lianez.

Louis and Antonia are now the center of the families. The family roots are there. The aging couple live alone, Louis works and Antonia is involved in many volunteer organizations of community, diocese and of state. They are very busy and very quick to set time aside for family. The way it started in 1920. The total time of this family is 159 years to date!